What does the Tremoli do?

The Tremoli unit is installed fence structures (such as weldmesh, palisade, precast walls) to provide reliable intrusion detection.

Upon alarm detection, the Tremoli sends its alarm over a wireless network to the Wi-i Bridge, alerting the user. Business rules can be set up on the Bridge to, for example, activate perimeter lights based on alerts received.

How does the Tremoli work?

The Tremoli unit is an intelligent detection unit that measures fence behavior. Each Tremoli runs its own detection algorithm, profiling intrusions and discounting environmental effects. Tremolis are installed at regular intervals on the fence, each one measuring intrusions in its area.

Tremoli units can transmit over a distance of 600m (with line of site) to the Bridge. Connect up to 64 Tremoli units onto a single Bridge. The Bridge is a complete standalone controller, sold with a 30W solar panel, batteries, mounting bracket, WiFi dongle and 3G, requiring no additional infrastructure to be deployed.Why do I need this product?

The Tremoli detection unit is has several advantages over traditional detection measures. As a standalone system, you will find no better single intrusion detection solution. Giving excellent detection on perimeter fencing, you can be assured that your site is secured.

Used in conjunction with existing systems (such as energisers and CCTV surveillance systems), the Tremoli units amplifies these systems by adding low nuisance alarm high probability detection, without adding additional costs for infrastructure.

The Tremoli unit is not affected by the following:

- Environmental conditions like rain, mist or wind

- Nearby movement of animals, people or other traffic

- Electrical fields or interference


- Battery powered, and a single D cell battery can last for more than 6 years

- It does not require any infrastructure to be deployed: wireless operation

- Installation and configuration is easy and can take less than 10 minutes per unit

- Easy integration with existing systems