What is Wi-i

The Wi-i system is a wireless perimeter intrusion detection and monitoring system, designed to specifically offer you a complete monitoring solution.

Primarily a perimeter detection system, Wi-i also incorporates measuring and control devices to enhance information presented to you.

With Wi-i, you can secure you perimeter boundary, open your gate, monitor your fridge, and at the same time have valuable information available regarding day to day

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Expandable technology base
  • Reliable, accurate information
  • Low cost
  • Alerts via:
    Cloud service
    Sigfox network
    Local Controller
  • Long RF range – 600m line of sight


Wi-i Deflexi

The Wi-i Deflexi unit is installed onto free moving wire fences (electrified or not). The Deflexi acts as a wire tension monitor – alerting of cutting, spreading or tampering with the fence line. With Deflexi – your wire fence becomes a highly effective security barrier, detecting all possible intrusion methods
How It Works

Wi-i Tremoli

The Wi-i Tremoli is a kinematic fence detection sensor. It measure cutting, climbing and tampering with a variety of fence structures. A Tremoli is installed every 9-20m down the fence, depending on the type of fence and the detection required

Wi-i FourIO

TheFourIO unit provides 2 inputs and 2 outputs used to monitor digital inputs or provide control over other systems (i.e. gates, cameras, etc)